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5/19/2012 - Saving the Draw

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    Extremely good Saturday puzz.  I usually don't enjoy draw puzzles, but this one is outstanding.  The forced pin of the pawn was inspired.  What a choice!  Give up your queen and likely lose, or draw?  Drawing with so many pieces in play is a real challenge.  I only question how such a great draw play could come from a player who got into such a total, absolute mess in the first place.  Thanks for brightening up my Saturday. 

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    wow.... a puzzle where we're trying to force a  draw?  Crazy!

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    I guess.


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    stupid puzzle

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    sunillama1066 wrote:



    Not once not twice, but at least 10 times!!!

    Anyways, nice and easy puzzle, but I still don't understand the ending

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    Draw by stalemate.

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    How was it stalemate? explain helpp

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    I must admit I did not solve this one!!!

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    hard, didn't get it at first but it's very cool

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    very nice

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    I don't get it. White loses?

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    i cannot understand. if queen takes queen.    why the game stopped.

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    i also found it. good games

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    nice n eazy

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    SujithRajendran wrote:

    i cannot understand. if queen takes queen.    why the game stopped.

    Once the black queen takes the white queen, it becomes white's move... White is not in check, but any move he makes will put him in check.  This is called Stalemate, and is considered a draw.

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    lucascostausa wrote:

    I don't get it. White loses?

    No, it's a draw.  White forces a draw so he can't get checkmated.


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