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5/19/2012 - Saving the Draw

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    im_bored_as_him wrote:

    How was it stalemate? explain helpp

    Black's best move is to do queen-takes-queen.  But this is then a stalemate because white will not have any legal moves to make (but is also not in check or checkmate). 

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    Very nice

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    this is brilliant.

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    very nice Cool

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    Good puzzle.

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    Very tricky. amazing!!

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    Nice puzzle. And sunillama1066 please stop spamming.

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    why do you keep saying gg or ggg Sunillama1066? that problem was easy i saw it right away!

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    This looked like deep play, but really it was simple. You're checkmated when you give up the initiative. So you are really making obvious moves, doing whatever you can to keep the initiative.

    But I didn't see the pinned pawn at ALL.

    So far, this is my favorite

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    Wow, that's a really clever puzzle. It took me a minute to understand the concept behind the final move. I hadn't read the title, so I kept looking for checkmate. I read the title and figured it out though...

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    Pawn g4 pinned, of course. I was looking for a move that would attract a piece on g5 in order to force the draw. Nice puzzle.

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    Did white 'throw in the towel' or did I miss something?.

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    WOW. This is one of the most interesting puzzles I've seen in a while.


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