5/19/2013 - Mate in 2

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    pcfilho wrote:
    Wikinger wrote:

    pcfilho stop spamming your skanky website mate, really annoying style. Its just a scam that trys to make you sighn up for stuff, just quit it champ.

    Have you ever clicked in my links? I don't think so. I post real puzzles there, you go there if you wish. Before calling me a "spammer", why don't you check out my trophy gallery? You'll see I contributed a lot to this site, inviting many, many, many people to join it.


    And yes, many people enjoy my puzzles and want me to continue posting them.

    pcfilho is just been a little annoying, can hardly call this spamming, you could say hitchhiking, it's not great, but not bad either;

    unless chess.com increase their level of quality, you'll be seeing more of pcfilho;

    on the other hand I find those 'first page', 'easy', 'nice' etc, way more annoying, these could be called spam, 'cause I just want quality replies about the puzzle, and they discourage me from reading on and have nothing in them.

    I suggest chess.com make an up-vote and down-vote for replies, and/or turn those low quality replies into like and dislike buttons.

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    very easy

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    its finaly easy

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