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5/26/2013 - Clean Sweep

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    Easy sunday as usual. Good puzzles this week tho

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    can this be called puzzle??

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    meh. seen better

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    easier than yesterday's.

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    first page...

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    Cool   Side shuffle !

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    ocmn6 wrote:

    can this be called puzzle??

    Saturday's usually the hardest of the week and Sunday the easiest hey

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    almost overlooked the pin:)

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    First page fool

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    easy, but quite elaborate for Sunday puzzle.

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    First page fool
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    There just may be a correlation between the daily puzzles and the weather... Cool

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    Good puzzle.

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    beecroft wrote:



    Wow, you just don’t give up do you?  PCFILHO, please stop treating the forum as your personal advertising space.  It is SPAM and it’s against the rules, even without a hyperlink.

    Why are you upset? He may be self-advertising, but a comment with a link to a harder puzzle is more useful than the vast majority of the comments people post to the Daily Puzzle. People rarely ever post anything useful.

    For example, in yesterday's Daily Puzzle, not one person in all nine pages of comments mentioned the move 2.Kg4, which is probably one of the most likely inaccuracies someone solving that puzzle would make. Both 2.Kf4 and 2.Kg4 win, but it's not immediately obvious why 2.Kf4 wins much faster. Yet nobody analyzed 2.Kg4 or even mentioned it. Try winning yesterday's Daily Puzzle here by playing the variation 1.Qf6 cxb7 2.Kg4? instead of 2.Kf4. You can still win, it is just slower. It's a good challenge.

    Again, nobody mentioned 2.Kg4, showing the poor quality of the comments on the Daily Puzzle here. pcfilho is a good dude. Chess.com, let him post the links. They contribute more than the vast majority of others do.

    pcfilho, if you read this, could you edit your comment on the first page and re-post what I wrote above at the bottom of your comment so that people who are interested can try playing through the 2.Kg4 variation in yesterday's puzzle?


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