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5/7/2014 - Mate in 3

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    Quite difficult

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    Kimo66 because the puzzle specifically says mate in 3

    In a real game black has resigned by now unless it's a time game so it's not really relevent if they take the bishop or not.  It's just about finding automatic mate in 3 :)

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    It's amazing when you sacrifice a knight to make a cheakmate 

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    That was a cool puzzle.Laughing. Use left and right arrows to navigate. It took me a few tries to solve it.

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    Kimo66 wrote:

    After 19 hours posted, I doubt many more people will be reading this and I don't feel like searching to see if anyone asked or answered this question.  I don't see why white wouldn't take the bishop on first move.  Appears to take more than 5 moves to mate, but it is inevitable. 

    You just answered your own question.

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    briansladovich, that is just plain funny.      :)  (snniger) i think i spelled that wrong.

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    halarious  i think i spelled that wrong.

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    its_Nitin wrote:


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    Why not prefered the motion Kc7, instead Ka6?

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    What if second move black's Kc5, it won't be mate in 3 then..

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    first page

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    easy puzzle...

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    zonou_manolis wrote:

    Why not prefered the motion Kc7, instead Ka6?

    Black cannot ever legally play Kc7.

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    Nice puzzle thank u guys

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    Ex peeeeeeeeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeeeeee


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