6/23/2018 - An Amazing Way To Draw

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Why omit the final move? Because it didn't happen in the game? Not a good reason since the game details are omitted anyway. Never pass on an opportunity to show a beautiful mate or stalemate position!

 It's just another limitation of these Daily Puzzles that they must end with a white move. And this has to be a study rather than a game, because the pin-stalemate is too attractive and neat to not have been contrived. I couldn't find the source though.

I was wondering, Peter, if you purchased Harold van der Heijden's Endgame Study Database, which I understand is the the most complete of all the ones available online?  I'm seriously thinking of spending 50 Euros (approximately 58.50 USD) for it.

Hey, Bob, I haven't bought that as I'm pretty happy with the free ones available. If it were less pricey I would consider it, especially after reading the description you linked which sounds good!




discountPundit wrote:

What about this line:

2 ... QxRe5

3. d4xQe5   a3

4. Bd5  Bd3xe4+

5. BxBe4 a2

6. e6 a1/Q

7. e7 Qa6+

8. Kh5 Qe6

Then the queen can take the Pawn at e7 or e8 and it's Queen and Pawn against a lone Bishop.

Because instead of playing 4. Bd5 to guard the a2 square, White can make a run for the queening square. His pawn will get to e8 after Black's a-pawn queens, but White queens with checkmate: 4. e6 a2 5. e7 a1=Q 6. e8=Q#. If Black tries to interfere with his bishop, he's still lost because he'll have to give the bishop up, and White will still be able to queen his pawn: 4. e6 Bc4 5. e7 Bf7+ 6. Kxf7 Kh7 7. e8=Q, with mate to follow in a few moves.


@sean_roy and @DiscountPundit,


I’m telling you that 3...a3?? is a blunder. Correct move is 3...Kg8!! - only move for a draw.


2...Qxe5!, 3. dxe5 Kg8!!, 4. Bxa4 Bxe4+, 5. Kg5 Kf7 (Black can stop the dangerous White e-pawn so it’s a draw). 



1. Bc6!! Bd3+!, 2. e4 Qd8!, 3. Re8+?? (Blunder) Qxe8+, 4. Bxe8 Bxe4+,  5. Kg5 a3! (winning move for Black), 6. Bf7 Bb1!, 7. Kf4 a2, 8. Bxa2 Bxa2, 9. Ke5 Kh7!, 10. d5 Bxd5!, 11. Kxd5 Kg6, 12. Ke4 Kg5!, 13. Kf3 Kh4, 14. Kg2 Kg4, 15. Kf2 Kh3!, 16. Kf3 g5, 17. Kf2 g4, 18. Kg1 Kg3, 19. Kf1 Kh2 and Black wins. 


Thats why 3. Re8+?? is a big blunder 


It took you 8 days? Wow!


Yup, sir! I’ve been busy running errands. I read some guy’s suggestion of 3. Re8+. I’m telling that 3. Re8 is not a good move, so 3. Rh5+! is the only move for a draw. 


Some of the guys are patzers. I’ve been tired of their absurd suggestions. They should be able to analyze this game when they use chess set and chessboard 


Hear, hear!


People who don't know:

1. Bc6 Bd3+ 2. e4 Qd8 3. Rh5+ Kg8 4. Bd5+ Qxd5 5. Rh8+