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6/14/2012 - Mate in 3

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    Took some thought, because there seems to be so much going on.  I was looking at MY advanced pawn and thinking about possibilities of promoting it.  Buit even if I didn't see the whole mate-in-3 line right off, the threat of
    1. ... dxe1=Q  made 1. Re5+ the obvious first move.  Then, I see Black's King forced to move to h4 and the mating sequence jumps out at me.

    2. Kh2 serves multiple functions.  It removes my King from immediate vulnerability to the promoted d-Pawn=Queen; it takes away Black King's access to g3 (and to protect h3 if my g-pawn is not protecting it); and it covers the g3 square for my pawn to advance and check Black's sitting duck King (and since Black has nowhere to escape, it is checkmate).  So now Black has no move that will prevent the inevitable 3. g3#.  His promotion to Queen at d1 is a tempo too late.

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    Are also options and slightly better than the solution provided, I guess...

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    Hmmmm, took me quite a while to see the king move.

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    Nice n' easy..

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    nice one

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    in 3?

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    Why "mate in 3"? typo?

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    More accurate title : Mate in 5?

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    As you may noticed, this is mate in 5, not in 3!

    See you!

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    smoothered mate..

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    nice and easy

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    Mate in 5?

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    Wow, a puzzle involving a Queen sacrifice... nice way to trap the black King on h8 like that!

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    mate in 3 or 5?????????

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    it said 'mate in 3' but wasn't that five moves?

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    philidor mate

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    h_pokhriyal wrote:
    1. Re5   Kh4
    2. Rd     Rxe6?
    3. Rxd2 c3
    4. Rc2   g5?
    5, Kh2   Re4?
    6. g3#

    Looks at a line with both players making wrong moves, but Black blundering worse and more often.

    2. ... Rxe6? was premature.  At this point c3 would have protected and enhanced the promotion threat and at least tied up one white Rook to prevent it (while both Black Rooks would be free for other action.)

    4. ... g5? was a terrible wasted move.  Any of several other moves (...Re3 or even ...h5) would have been better. 

    Then Black compounds his troubles with another worthless move,
    5. ... Re4? Did he not see the coming checkmate?  He could have at least moved his Rook to e3 to prevent it. for the moment (and simultaneously protect his c-pawn.)


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