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6/16/2013 - The Last Attempt

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    Foot in Mouthbest

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    I did not expect an easy win against Dimisz (seems a Polish or Magyar name). He could make the Matters for me more difficult by 11.... Nc6 12.d5 h6!? and resist so much . He should think more . I think I could not win the next match so easy . I hope there would be as soon as possible .

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    At first glance I thought there were alternatives to the solution:
    1 b4+! axb3 e.p. 2 Ra1# (Really nice! Wink )

    because of zugzwang (but I was wrong)! Embarassed

    1 Ra1/h3 a3? 2 Rxa3#
    With 1...b4! White needs much longer to win! Surprised

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    pretty easy puzzle!!!

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    Give you a foot massage.


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