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6/3/2012 - Mate in 1

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    Turtlekrieg wrote:

    This is a contrived position, as Black had no legal move on his previous turn. So the game is actually over in the position on the board--it's a stalemate.

    Obviously you have not taken the time to read ALL of the previous post...

    The position is quite possible.

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    beginer puzzle!!!

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    Good morning VIetnam.

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    The question is, HOW DID THEY GET TO THAT POSITION? 


    Anyway, the puzzle is stupid, there's no other possible move except moving the King which for sure would not achieve Mate in 1

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    What was Black's previous move?

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    wyrmslayer wrote:


    Just what I was about to ask.

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    I think the puzzle person is on vacation, and figuring that out was the actual puzzle. First!

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    How can Black defend against the fork without losing any material?
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    BOOM!!! EASYCool

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    ChessSoldier wrote:
    jp_23 wrote:

    move zero was obviously f7xg8=K

    Close.  It was 0. f6xg7+ Kg8.

    Thnx; ChessSoldier you are one of the few whom is actually paying attention and gets the possibility of this puzzle.

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    umm did someone replace the staff with a lovable teddy bear? because these r way 2 easy. might as well call it like someones name and a tournament to make it a little harder

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    lame :) haha, not bad, but easy :):):)


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