6/6/2007 - Force the Fork

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    Drag the pieces to solve!
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    I love daily puzzles, but maybe they could be a little bit harder.. because I have gotten all of them right the first try, and I am pretty rusty.. :)
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    i'm going to start making them progressively harder as the week goes on. Sunday will be simple simple, Saturday will be GM level :)

    it's just that we have gotten feedback that they are too hard as well. this site has a big mix of skills on it. 

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    ramping it up and starting over each week is a great idea! coool
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    Awesome, that really is a great idea.
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    its soooooo easy... no 1 minute to move:Laughing
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    this one was relativley easy, though I always have trouble on the first move!

    so many different combinations! 

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    " I always have trouble on the first move!"

    Generally, look for the most "forcing" response.

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    The biggest problem I had on this one was thinking that it was White to move... After that it was just too easy.
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    vey simple


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    too easy
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    this one was easy, they shouldn't give clues in the title 
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    thats medium
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    I thought I was the other side again!


    Puzzles are hard to solve when you can't move the pieces. I got it when I found out I was playing for black, though.

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    this may be a dumb? but is there a reason that white has to take the rook on d1.. i mean its pretty obvious that a fork will follow .. meaning that by taking the rook white is trading his queen for a rook and therefore a bad move

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    It is forced.

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