7/11/2013 - Mate in 4

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    Radioska wrote:

    No it's wrong hxg6 3.qh8 4. Kg4 no mate in 4


    It is mate because the king on h6 can't move to g4.

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    littlebrat wrote:

    So if Rxg6 then Qh8# ?? Am I missing something?? Kg4 is where the king goes after Qh8+ !!

    No checkmate here! Am I really that stupid?


    The king can't move to g4 from h6.

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    samandari wrote:

    it's mate in 3 not 4, think again


    No mate in three.

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    littlebrat wrote:

    What a stupid puzzle!


    Stupid doesn't describe the puzzle. Maybe the player? Read the entire thread. Black's moves were forced to prolong mate.

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    EON88 wrote:

    I don't think black would have made those moves.


    If he hadn't, he would've lost sooner.

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    VadimZvjaginsev wrote:

    man, your puzzle is a bit messed up.

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