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7/16/2012 - Side Control

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    dufferps wrote:

    Picking the right first move was a natural; I hadn't even noticed black's interposition defense.  Fortunately there was the pawn in place to protect my 2. Rb4+ second move.  So I was able to "solve" it a move at a time, but I must confess I didn't see the entire sequence from the beginning.

    How would I have played it had I not had the pawn at c3?  I'm going to analyze a bit and come back with the answer.

    Doubling Rooks on the a-file and helping yourself to the pinned Bishop looks like a good way to start - there's no tearing hurry with the material balance the way it is. :)

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    very easy

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    an easy one

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    Queen sac could have won this too.  Could have been so epic Cry  

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    Easy squuezy!! love those rooks!

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    Nice one - rooks in charge

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    The  hard  part  here  is  to  find  the  enemy  King,  Ha ,  ha,  and  notice  that  it's  ha ha  not    he he.

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    Nice little variation on the two rooks mate.

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    very odd position, but good one

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    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Simple but nice.

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    Another pathetically easy puzzle. Thought they were supposed to be challenging

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    Too simple...

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    There's a massive picture of my avatar on the first page...

    Easy puzzle.

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    yes it was very easy i got it on my first try

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