7/16/2012 - Side Control

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    good yet easy

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    EASY AS PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue Out

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    easy one

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    I solved it on the first try but... I was trying to visualize all of the moves before attempting the puzzle. I missed that the bishop was pinned until I actually did the first move. That counts as a "got it". Right? That gives me the right to say "easy" doesn't it?
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    Relivent Ratical Nice pink skins

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    logical set of moves for humans you are very logical

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    Easy and covers some basic fundemental, I love it!

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    *sigh* these arent even challenging any more Cry

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    Very Easyyy!!!!Cool

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    chess.com should make harder puzzles.

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    death by ROOK!

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    All blacks on one side, all whites on the opposite side, suddenly one rook moves and brings about the checkmate in the next two moves. I didn't solve it but i'm just a beginner.

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    No mistake in any play

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    way to easy,  why dont we for once have halfway difficult but not studylike puzzles that dont involve queen sacs?

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    Nice puzzle.

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    3. Rxa3#

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    very easy

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