7/16/2014 - Mate in 4

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    heheheherbata hat geschrieben:

    It is written several times:

    1.Bxb7? Bd4! threatening mate and unpins the bishop

    2.Rxh1 Bxa4

    by the way: after 1. ...b5 white can simply take, while the bishop d7 is pinned.

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    BryanCFB wrote:
    vmsfinale wrote:
    MeTristan wrote:

    on 2.Kc8 shudnt there be Nb6+(threatening Rb7#) if axb6 then Qa8#??



    You need to look at the entire board as black has 2...Bxb6+.



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    Oh, there's another one!

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    Cool puzzle, waiting for blacks oppotunity to win!

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    Right in by skrillex

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