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8/11/2010 - Systematic Buildup

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    good puzzle

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    Wow all these puzzles are easy!

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    Pin it...win it. :)

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    dufferps wrote:

    Wow - This seemed like a Sunday puzzle. The attack on that knight seemed so obvious.  I'm always intrigued by "what happens next," but in this case I don't see a good next move for black.  I wish daily puzzle had gone further and let me do my number on the pinned knight.  Is black's next move Ke8 or does he have some more threatening move like attacking my pawns with the c3 rook?

    In this case, the solution does seem to lead to a huge advantage for white.

    ya u r right , the puzzle should continue further ,,,,

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    seems like black got stuck in a box of doom lol. Good puzzle. Is there a way black could avoid being pushed back???

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    Decent Puzzle

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    What! Took me 3 seconds to solve this one. Great puzzle?

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    Henster97 wrote:

    1. Ra7    Rd8
    2. Nxe5   Ke8
    3. Nxd7   Rxd7
    4. Ra8+   Ke7
    5. f6+    Ke6
    6. Re8+   Kf5
    7. Rxd7   Rc2+
    8. Kb3    a2
    9. Rd5+   Kg6
    10. Rg8+  Kh5
    11. g6+   Kh6
    12. f7    a1=Q
    13. f8=Q+ Qg7
    14. Qxg7#

    This is a possible continuation but someone else will find a better one I'm sure.

    I don't know if it is "better,"  but if I were black, I don't think I would play 7...Rc2+ - I think I would try h6 or Rf3  (but it is a lost cause in any case).

    As white, if black DID move 7. ... Rc2+,  I would respond with 8. Kxa3 - it might actually prolong the game with repetitive check's by black rook, but it can't be a perpetual check, and then white can move on to promote his pawn (or capture the black rook if he attempts to prevent it), with no worries about a black pawn promotion.

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    good one

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    easy peasy:)

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    that's it?

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    very good i'm improving

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    Nice puzzle.

    Thanks for follow up henster


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