8/12/2010 - Endgame Calculation

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    (oh wait, how does this thng work again?Embarassed)

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    vowles_23 wrote:

    I assume that the pawn sac is so that the King doesn't get mated or the Queen face connected pawns?

     the pawn sac is to take the square d5 away from the WK. Without the availability of the d5 square the WK cannot catch the passed pawn. If the passed pawn were pushed first the WK can catch it because the d5 square will be available .

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    Good one.

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    tempo, the box rule

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    Endgame is always the win game. Kind of.

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    Nice one, made me think for a second or two. Need to do that every once in a while.


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    why black didn't move the h6 pawn from the beginning?Tongue out

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    I loved it !

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    Excellent puzzle. Now if only we could get this sort of thing on Sundays and Mondays as well.

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    NikNaks wrote:

    That was fairly straightforward, really.

     i need challenge all players for devlop my skills in chess if any need plz challenge me

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    thats a chess mentor lesson!

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    I've done this puzzle numerous times in Tactics Trainer.  Seems easy now, not so when I first tried it...

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