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8/12/2010 - Endgame Calculation

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    mahi09 wrote:


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    Tsuki wrote:

    Does waiting for d4 (h5, c3 h4, d4 e5xd4, c3xd4 h3) produce a better tempo?  It seems the better choice to me, but I'm not sure.  It ends the same, but the black king and queen has a better position?



    I don't know what you mean by waiting for d4.  The d-pawn will sit waiting for the black e-pawn to advance to e4, then capture it.  If black initially moves his h-pawn, White King moves Kd5 and has a clear line to block promotion at h1; it is then too late to block it by moving pawn to e4.

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    Not difficult.

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    good puzzle.next time a bit harder

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    vlandr4 wrote:

    And in my case black got a poor position and checkmate ))

    But 4. ...   Kd8  prevents white from promoting.

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    Why not 1...h4? I don't see why Black has to give away a pawn.

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    that was fairly easy, but it was a good puzzle.Laughing

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    YoSniper wrote:

    Why not 1...h4? I don't see why Black has to give away a pawn.

    Because the White King can make a run for the corner and catch the pawn. But after the move actually played, there's either a White pawn in the way of his own King, or (if White doesn't take) the centre pawn is queening instead.

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    alogo wrote:

    Chess geometry is a very interesting topic.

    Today's problem reminds me of the following classical study of Richard Reti:


    Black has to move twice with the king in order to prevent White's pawn from queening- and these are sufficient for White to catch the pawn. Here, after 1... e4 2.dxe4 White needs another two moves to create a threat to queen himself, so that Black has to move the King once.

    Here, after 1... e4 2.dxe4                  You mean in todays problem!

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    2. dxe4


    And black wins a tempo.

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    got it..

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    anassawalha wrote:

    easy thanks

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    Ehh.. I don't think the pawn sacrifice is all that needed...

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    easy endgame

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    its ok... ^_^


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