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8/12/2011 - Mate in 6

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    pije mate

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    Better then most we've had lately!

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    It's the last Knight's move which I had the most problem with.

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    Cool puzzle, love those Knights!

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    Complicated but nice!!

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    excellent puzzle, loved it!! not too easy

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    its quite tricky but once u know that black rook attack white rook for checkmate , u just know that white hv to check black king all the time. 

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    it wasn't good i think......!!!!!!so low Cool

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    elyboy wrote:
    IncrediBill wrote:

    Nice.  The fourth move with the Knight was the toughest to find. I thought that a double-check would be the way to go.


     MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY,KING HAS ONLY ONE SQUARE TO MOVEV TO e8 but check continuation gets broken after that,next best move after that would re Qg8...Ke7


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i thought double check with N and Q would force K to e8 keeping him locked in,protect N,and be able to keep check continuation going,also save rook,but no try again.check continuation would stop with double check and only other move to keep pressure on i think would be Qg8 forcing K back to e7,in turn checking Q with black rook,its not as easy as i thought.go back to incredible,s quote on first page,he does excellent job showing most all possible move sequences

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    nice puzzle

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    very cool

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    nice one!


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