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8/15/2008 - Protecting the Escape Route

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    psantann wrote:

    There is a line with the f pawn promotion to Knight as well. take a bit longer but is indeed beautiful:

    1. Rxf6+ gxf6 2. Nd8+ Rxd8 3. cxd8=N+!? Qxd8 4. f8=N+!? Qxf8 5. Bxd5# *

    Some of the moves are not forced but it's still mate in all lines according to Fritz

    I have felt that the exactly solution of a problem must to be.

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    A very nice puzzle.

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    Good puzzle!

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    I ve been to Rotorua in 2005, what a cool place to live. I love NZ

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    Interesting, though it seems crafted entirely for the underpromotion.

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    Nice puzzle.

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    I do believe it will be a long long time before I can get a puzzle like this one

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    What idiot would play black like that

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    Challenging. Thanks.

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    got it

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    more now!!

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    get one point every time you write a comment

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    enjoyed that one, took a while to get the queen sac tho =/

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    It was a HARD one but very NICE.


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    good puzzle

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    Tunatin wrote:


    Dude, best first reply ever done on this website. No sarcasm whatsoever. Really, you deserve a trophie, you know what, I'll go give you one right now.

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    AquaMan wrote:

    I played it against Rybka demo.  Mate in 22.  Easy! ;)




    NFW, don’t tell me Rybaka made a mistake?

    Per AquaMan’s example, Rybaka allegedly makes move 20. Nxe4, when the correct move is clearly 20. Qg5#; you can’t argue with checkmate.

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    Am I missing something? 


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