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8/15/2008 - Protecting the Escape Route

  • #81

    4th step..

    Nice games

  • #82

    Very good puzzle I was a bit stumped even though I had judged this to be a puzzle worthy of a underpromotion of a knight to deliver the final blow of Mate. Kudos to the one who composed this middle game.

  • #83

    Showing that a queen promotion isn't always the best! Liked this one. More of these please.

  • #84

    good puzzle.But more way white to win.This one is quick.

  • #85

    Cool - that's my kind of fruity play!

  • #86

    heh got to peek

    i only got the first move:)

  • #87

    Wow...what a complicated puzzle. Its difficult enough, yet AquaMan made it more difficult. >.<

  • #88

    i got it!

  • #89

    Another beautiful puzzle.

  • #90

    keith105 wrote:

    I could see that the Black Queen was ready to mate on the backrow so knew White had to keep the King in check. That was fairly easy to see. How to actually work it out ....well, that was beyond my ability today. Very hard to work out with so much going on, was this an actual game or a made up one?

    It is a composition.

  • #91

     good one easy

  • #92


          I GOT IT ...COOL!!!

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