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8/15/2012 - Mate in 7

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    My friend made this
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    I know this mate

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    I  have  seen similarly problem  .

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    lukewang623 wrote:

    My friend made this

    Black to move first?  This is not chess!Smile

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    lukewang623 wrote:

    My friend made this

    The fool's mate is nothing new.  It's odd that black goes first.  Also, on top of this, a puzzle with a blank chessboard is stupid.  Do a game diagram instead of a puzzle.  For the first move, there are 20 possible moves.  On top of this, a puzzle is supposed to assume best play, and white didn't use best play here.

    Here is the classic fool's mate:

    again, but with white:

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    happy independence day.

    vande matram.

    i love my india.

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    Smattered and smothered.


    good one!

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    so nice

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    Nice puzzle

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    I am very impressed!  Well done!

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    Smothered mate

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    Love the use of a good knight.

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    nice puzzle


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