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8/16/2008 - Find the Mate in 6

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    yes, finally a puzzle that I could do in 1 minute!

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    easy one......

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    sharp tactics.  nice.

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    I've never successfully mated. Sealed

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    lol... to bad... good one anyway...

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    kerorogunso wrote:

    d-huang wrote:

    i dont get why whites second move is like that cant they just take the knight

    that's a double check

    bishop is checking the king at the same time

     Where got double check? Or is it that i didn't get what you mean?

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    king can't take knight on move two because Ng3 is checkmate, not sure if anyone actually stated that.

    Also move 5 can be Bd2 (if i am not mistaken, Qg1 if Queen captures and Qe3 for either of the K moves)

    and good line for what to do if Kh3, I looked for like three mintues and still couldn't find it until after i saw the hint for move 2.

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    NICE ONE ... Smile

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    cool and smart

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    not so bad!!!Foot in mouth

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    What if 2. Kh3?

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