8/20/2011 - Long Distance

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    Good one

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    I kept wanting to do the Bishop capture of the Rook right from the get go.  But it was interesting to see how the threat of Mate on Black gave the Queen time to support the Bishop, so the Bishop would not have to be exchanged for the Rook.  Once you know what the objective of the puzzle is, then all of the moves make sense.

    Perhaps if the objective of the puzzle was, "Capture the Rook without losing your Bishop", then we would have a better idea as to how to approach the puzzle.

    My original thoughts were, capture the Black Rook with the Bishop, Black Queen captures Bishop, then White Queen captures the Black Bishop on the e7 square.



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    Both puzzles are very good!! Thanks!!

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    PauliusEidukas wrote:

    What's the point of this "puzzle"? No mate, no sacrifices... I guess it's just to regain material equalty?

    not equality the knight is hanging

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    If the point is an advantage in material, start with bxr, Qxb and Qxb will get u that ending.....puzzle needs a heading on whats going on, e.g.       white gains a piece, or white to find winning position.

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    cool puzzle! I had to use trial and error to figure it out though. So is white supposed to be able to win or...........?

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    excellent game

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    Loved the Reti puzzle posted by E-Kuko;  a gem with just a few pieces.

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    1.Qe5 Seems like the best move. If black captures the queen you get his queen and a rook. If he plays f6 to stop mate instead of capturing then 2. Bxd5. I'm kind of shocked that that wasn't the answer...

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    Why can't I play 1.Bxd5 Qxd5 2.Qxe7?

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    Material is even again and I think white might have an advantage...
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    PauliusEidukas wrote:

    What's the point of this "puzzle"? No mate, no sacrifices... I guess it's just to regain material equalty?

     Don't post comments like that. Chess puzzles are to teach tactics and theories. Chess isn't just about sacrifices and checkmating the opponent. You need material to checkmate the opponent in the first place. Your comment just shows how little chess knowledge you really have.

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    i do not get it,how does game end?

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    I don't really see the point of moving to Be1... 

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    I don't understand 4. Be1 at all, can someone please explain? What's wrong with Bf6?

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    bit lengthy one (as mentioned in title).. hmm...

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    very good puzzle

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    Great puzzle, E-Kuko. Too hard for me.

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