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8/20/2011 - Long Distance

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    Go for the win.

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    The end of this game is that white will also win the knight on c6 giving white a piece advantage.  Many comments here indicate a lack of vision for this.  Surprising since the ratings are fairly high.  Completion of a puzzle is not the object, one must further analyze the position.  This time the puzzle didn't end after Bxc6.

    The progression Bxd5, Qxe7 only equates material, while the progression suggested leaves white up a knight.

    Qe5 appears to be an equivalent move, however, if you work through it:

    1 Qe5   Rxe5
    2 Bxb7  Rxe2
    3 Bxa1  ...

    White is actually not in a winning position.  While he has struggled to get even on pieces, he's lost another pawn putting him down 2 pawns instead of being up a knight and down a pawn.

    Stop criticizing, and you just may learn something from these puzzles.

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    I guess.


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    E-Kuko, your puzzle was certainly worth waiting for. Very choice:)

    Regarding today's puzzle, it was a refreshing change from the direct mating-attack puzzles. I'm not sure Be1 is necessarily the only fourth move. A very savvy, conversative one, though! Innocent I see it as one among a few possible moves. Perhaps I am missing something, however. What makes it best?

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    Ok.. FIIINALY I see it, 4. Be1 prevents 4. ...Ne7, 5. Bxb7 RxC1+ 6. Kg2/Kh2 Rxh1, 7. Bxh1..., which leaves black and white roughly even; White has the bishop pair with better position but black is up a pawn. 4. Bd2 also seems to work, any other bishop move gives up white's material advantage.

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    both puzzles are great

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    thanks for the puzzle

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    I like queen to E5 as my 1st move.

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    NOT EZ!!!

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    Very few people are going to play Qh6. Most are going to play bxd5. After black plays Qxd5 white wins a bishop with Qxe7. White is up a piece with a winning game. Of course a GM would be able to see Qh6 over the board, but few everyday players would see that. So don't bad mouth players that don't see that.

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    This one was harder.

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    Why not directly Qf3 ? It's more direct...

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    I dont get the point of this puzzle

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    E-Kuko wrote:

    Reti 1928 - White to play and win. Replay the puzzle after solving it to see some explanations.I posted this yesterday, but something was wrong with the link for the Daily Puzzle, so just few people saw it.


     Amazing! White's plan is just unbelievable! you found a great puzzle!

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    nice one

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    the point is to find the optimal moves as in any other puzzle


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