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8/2/2013 - Mate in 4

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    The first and second moves were the hardest to find.

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    Decayed, slovenly, paltry, execrable, giddy, capering, meddling, scurvy, odoriferous, malicious, fustillarian, long-tongued, lily-livered, smooth-faced, hare-brained, languageless, puppy-headed, abominable, superfluous, marble-hearted, fell-lurking, iron-witted, twangling, threadbare, viperous, simpering, whey-faced, puke-stocking flibbertigibbet!!!

    That was fun.

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    tricky puzzle

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    *wink, wink*Wink

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    Tough first move; then it was easy after that.  Great puzzle!!!  Very good one!!

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    easy peasy lemon sqeesySmileLaughing

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    The first move is actually very difficult to see. While Qxe1, Qh3+ is easy to see, does it really lead to checkmate? Having a pinned bishop, and one queen seems like it isn't enough. However, the power of the pawn comes, and mate in 4. Bf1 is a subtle move, that allows a nice checkmate pattern.

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    found it tough

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    i blundered on this one. so easy too. idk y

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    What is this puzzle?

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    Nice to force all those moves

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    first move is the move which is going to change the course of the match

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