8/6/2011 - Going to the Edge and Back


I definitely had to click help solving this one.  Nice of chess.com to throw us a curve ball instead of your standard Mating puzzle . . . helps keep us on our toes.

I am not sure how the rest of this game actually played out, but even though White gained an advantage, I think that it would still end up as a draw.  I tried extending the game myself, but I got to a dead end.  Perhaps someone could shed some insight?



All that work by White and all he ends up with is trading off two of his Bishops for one of Blacks Bishops and his Rook.

Attention:  Chess.com

Re:  Suggested Programming Change for the Daily Puzzle

Dear Chess.com,

You have probably noticed in the Posts of the Daily Puzzle’s that there have been a number of people who post messages like, “First” or “Second” and other such nonsensical messages that clutter up the pages.  These are generally followed up by people posting their frustration and complaints about the people who do this.

May I suggest that you create a “Rating” system for the messages that people post.  It could be a “Star” system where posts could be ranked by the readers from one to five stars.  You could then create a page that appears directly after the puzzle itself, where you could gather together the highest ranked posts.

This would greatly improve the Daily Puzzles.   People who are genuinely interested in discussing the puzzle, or looking for explanations to the puzzle, would know where to find the best answers, because they will have been pre-screened by the readers themselves.  It would save everyone the trouble of having to sift through pages and pages of posts to try and find the answers to their questions.

I am sure that there are other ways or methods that the above concept could be carried out or applied.  The above idea is something just off the top of my head.   But I think you get the idea of what is trying to be achieved.

Thanks for all your hard work.  Keep it up.


Nice puzzle!


Took me a while! A nice one, but i dont see the point


Nice puzzle.


That one was beyond me. Great puzzle.


A lot of being are going to be confused at first, that's all I can say.


nice puzzle


The point is that at the end of the sequence white is in a much more powerful position than black. White has captured the rook, pawn and black bishop in exchange for two bishops and whites pawns are better grouped than Blacks which are somewhat isolated.


odd puzzle. usually looking for more. it is a decisive advantage but not won yet.


Why black 3...fxe6 instead of queen exchange?


first page twice in a week sweet!!


I assume that this is a 'won' position for White


It frustrates me to know that others can figure these puzzles out so easily!!?


Tricky when you're not sure what you are trying to achieve!


no first


wow !




nice one!