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8/6/2011 - Going to the Edge and Back

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    good one!

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    tough nut!
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    my first puzzle, and too easy...

    you lose both Bishops to get a rook and a Bishop... not too bad, but how to get the checkmate from here? that's gonna be the hard one xD

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    not so easy one..!!

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    play with me...

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    A very stange puzzle....................Undecided

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    alexeyv wrote:

    Why black 3...fxe6 instead of queen exchange?

     Black will end up down a Bishop, because when White recaptures the Queen with his Bishop, he will also give "check".  Black will then have to respond to the "check" allowing the White Bishop to escape with his bounty.  See Post # 2 on Page 1.

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    Really interesting

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    Had to use help:(

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    Very nice puzzle

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    nice... only get first move correct by first try... for the first i learn smtg from daily puzzle here

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    It's Okay

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    wow definitely a challenging one!

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    Excellent puzzle, well done crew!

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    I definitely had to click help solving this one.  Nice of chess.com to throw us a curve ball instead of your standard Mating puzzle . . . helps keep us on our toes.

    I am not sure how the rest of this game actually played out, but even though White gained an advantage, I think that it would still end up as a draw.  I tried extending the game myself, but I got to a dead end.  Perhaps someone could shed some insight?



    Maybe exchange the queens, followed by the exchange of the a pawns? Then white would probably try to overpower black with his three connected pawns.

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    It's not that easy to force an exchange of queens. Black will try to keep its queen alive.

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    what about 1...Ke8? its better than going exchange down.

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    Awesome. I had to click help more than once. Thanks a lot for explaining the puzzle, IncrediBill!

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    this game is whac ked,it says black to move,i think i tried every move i could move,but evidently i did not because i had to hit help,then it rejected Qh8 check,then saced bishop don,t ask me why,maybe black was supposed to win,puzzle ended with white Qa8.definatly did not understand this puzzle but THANKS CHESS,COM for rattling my brains.i know game was not over,black had moves it could make.let me read what everyone else had to say.


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