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8/6/2011 - Going to the Edge and Back

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    Attention:  Chess.com

    Re:  Suggested Programming Change for the Daily Puzzle

    Dear Chess.com,

    You have probably noticed in the Posts of the Daily Puzzle’s that there have been a number of people who post messages like, “First” or “Second” and other such nonsensical messages that clutter up the pages.  These are generally followed up by people posting their frustration and complaints about the people who do this.

    May I suggest that you create a “Rating” system for the messages that people post.  It could be a “Star” system where posts could be ranked by the readers from one to five stars.  You could then create a page that appears directly after the puzzle itself, where you could gather together the highest ranked posts.

    This would greatly improve the Daily Puzzles.   People who are genuinely interested in discussing the puzzle, or looking for explanations to the puzzle, would know where to find the best answers, because they will have been pre-screened by the readers themselves.  It would save everyone the trouble of having to sift through pages and pages of posts to try and find the answers to their questions.

    I am sure that there are other ways or methods that the above concept could be carried out or applied.  The above idea is something just off the top of my head.   But I think you get the idea of what is trying to be achieved.

    Thanks for all your hard work.  Keep it up.

    Totally agree!!!

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    This puzzle was way by me, it seemed like a pretty extravegent move sequence for such a minimal advantage that people are saying ends in a draw. 

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    interesting, tricked me

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    benusa wrote:


     all right i will bite.why would i sit here and attempt to try and play your puzzle?when there are ? how many moves i could possibly make over two moves? take a guess for a coudo

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    One of the best puzzles I've seen

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    Antarid wrote:

    Took me a while! A nice one, but i dont see the point

    very good puzzle, the point to me was gaining material advantage which will prove essential in the end game.

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    kskid wrote:

    i AGREE 100% WITH iNCREDIBILL but wouldn't it be eaiser to just have who ever censors the (Comment deleted) clean the "Firsts" out also. Or if done with a filter, add first and related words to the filter.

     "pure genious"

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    nice but somewhat easy

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    Ok this one was good specialy whe we didnt know what we were supose to do. I liked it.

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    I did it but was looking for a checkmate...

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    Good Puzzle.

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    Nice one. Took me 10 minutes to solve

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    hmmm... i had 2 randomly select pices 2 figure this out... 

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    hey Incredibill this game would not end in a draw. I would simply go to Qf4 to pin his queen, yea I would lose the H pawn (if decided to take) I would get their C pawn easily and just move the A pawn up and the rook can just block off their King from moving down. Having good positioned rook, the king would be able to advance up more.

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    cool eighths

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