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8/6/2011 - Going to the Edge and Back

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    This puzzle was way by me, it seemed like a pretty extravegent move sequence for such a minimal advantage that people are saying ends in a draw. 

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    interesting, tricked me

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    benusa wrote:


     all right i will bite.why would i sit here and attempt to try and play your puzzle?when there are ? how many moves i could possibly make over two moves? take a guess for a coudo

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    One of the best puzzles I've seen

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    Antarid wrote:

    Took me a while! A nice one, but i dont see the point

    very good puzzle, the point to me was gaining material advantage which will prove essential in the end game.

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    kskid wrote:

    i AGREE 100% WITH iNCREDIBILL but wouldn't it be eaiser to just have who ever censors the (Comment deleted) clean the "Firsts" out also. Or if done with a filter, add first and related words to the filter.

     "pure genious"

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    nice but somewhat easy

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    Ok this one was good specialy whe we didnt know what we were supose to do. I liked it.

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    I did it but was looking for a checkmate...

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    Good Puzzle.

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    Nice one. Took me 10 minutes to solve

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    hmmm... i had 2 randomly select pices 2 figure this out... 

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    hey Incredibill this game would not end in a draw. I would simply go to Qf4 to pin his queen, yea I would lose the H pawn (if decided to take) I would get their C pawn easily and just move the A pawn up and the rook can just block off their King from moving down. Having good positioned rook, the king would be able to advance up more.

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    cool eighths

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    Winning the rook gives me a piece advandage!


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