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8/7/2010 - Precise Checking

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    19 ply... wow!

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    many thing's could happen

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    definitely psychological lol

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    It seems to me that the goal is to get the king behind the queen because of being checked on the h file and then move diagonally to the 8th rank to seperate the queen from the king (by then moving down the file on which 8th rank you are - does this make sense?).

    It takes this long because first the knight is in the way to move diagonally to the 8th rank and then the pawn but eventually you get the set up you want and can then fork the king&queen.

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    Anyone actually manage to solve this ridiculous puzzle without mistakes?  Please, in an actual game, no one would even attempt this.  Sundays appear to have moved from ridiculously easy to nearly impossible. 

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    Coz that would hell happen in a game. XD

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    Also wasn't the position repeated at least three times or was that just me? I don't know, coz it took so long.. :p

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    I had a hunch that this would end with a fork , so I just kept checking with the queen until the fork appeared , why some of the checks were wrong I don't know ? , Saturday is the hardest  Laughing

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    surely that wans't all forced? im going back to see...

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    Sheesh.  Helluva puzzle.  What frustrated me the whole time was that I saw the idea of forcing the fork, but now how to accomplish it.  So the whole time I'm like "Well it's a puzzle to win and not to draw and I haven't checked from THIS square yet."  Didn't help that as I was trying to plan it I was putting the king and queen on the reverse of their correct squares for the fork.  Blargh.

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    nalimov rules hahaha

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    :) ola

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    :) ola

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    :) ola

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    :) ola

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    :) ola

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    seems like there late putting up sundays puzzle again

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    i thought it was broken or sth

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