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8/7/2010 - Precise Checking

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    Brilliant puzzle.

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    I would like to know if white had an alternative moves or not.( I went over it a second time, and it was all forced. Any other move by black would have lost his queen to the fork.)( But could even a group of grandmasters have seen that far ahead?)

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    tough one..

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    too long

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    whew! i did it! nice one.,

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    A very nice one. Ask for more such instructive puzzles. thanks.

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    Wow nice puzzle, after solving it with somewhat random move choices... I put this into shredder 4 to solve, ( it miraculously solved it ). Apparently these are the best availabe moves. (not random!)

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    did you exept me to see that 19 moves ago? thats crazy,i just pressed help nonstop in some point

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    guys.....do u think Kasparov can solve this puzzle...say about in 30 mins?

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    It seems to me that ffter 19. ... Kf7, 20. Nf8 b8=Q+ Black can then capture the Knight with the and it's likely to be a draw (K+Q vs. K+Q), which White could have obtained twenty moves earlier by exchanging the queens and capturing the pawn.

    Other analysis?

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    great inspiration

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    Nice puzzle

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    player0410 wrote:
    aldlv wrote:

    i think i understanded the idea, but did it was kind og long? it could be getter with less? no? can someone explain this? 

    I agree!  More or less the same moves were repeated over and over again with the same result.

     The moves were all precise as the title suggests.

    White manipulates the vunerability of blacks king to unveil an extremely well hidden tactic. It's hard to understand at first glance, but it makes sense. I only looked at a few moves and it took ages!

     I doubt any one could solve it properly.

     An amazing puzzle! Thanks Smile

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    You can see that all blacks moves are forced, as any other move immediately loses the queen to a knight fork (or just a knight capture).  Whites goal is to pressure the black queen to f8 so a check on the h-file will lead to mate on h7 or winning the queen with Ne6+.  If I had to guess, I'd bet this was a tablebase discovery.

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    nice :) hahar;;;;;

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    Seemed to me like both sides could have played better.

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    could've taken the queen earlier.


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