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8/7/2010 - Precise Checking

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    Too long. And I didn't see the point. Applying checks until black gives up.

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    That was annoying.

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    I´ve found it extremely difficult... In real chess, with the clock running, White would be pleased with draw.

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    funnylady wrote:

    Too long. And I didn't see the point. Applying checks until black gives up.

    No, applying checks until Black is either mated or has to walk into a fork - those were his only two options on his last move. The point is that the White Queen has to go on quite a tour to get there, and meanwhile White can't afford to make a passive move that allows Black to exchange Queens.

    http://www.chess.com/images/icons/custom/quote.gif); background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #d7d7d0; color: #444444; padding-top: 6px; padding-right: 6px; padding-bottom: 6px; padding-left: 24px; display: block; background-position: 4px 4px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat; margin: 6px; border: 1px solid #bcbcb3;">FredBatchelor wrote:

    Lesson Learned:  If you just make the same moves repeatedly you opponent will eventually get bored and you will win.  Exciting puzzle.  Mighty fine.

    Lesson Learned: You're too weak a player to criticize a puzzle like this. Even after seeing the explanation in the thread you assume Black just got bored.
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    Pretty cool; black didn't slip up either, it just took that long.  Personally, however, I can't imagine myself thinking forward to the position it required white to be in to make the capture.  I was inclined to use the knight more than once and the king on one occasion.

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    The whole point was to get the queen to a square where it could check horizontally diagonally and vertically in the exact same triangle with only one move between them. At the start the pawn and your king are in the way of the diagonal check so you can't make that particular maneuver seen near the end.

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    What a load of poop!Yell

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    Okay.. it's basically just going about a perpetual check (otherwise ending in a draw) until a player makes a mistake...

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    well basically the idea of the puzzle its to force the black king to move to a position where the knight can fork him and the lady, i've analyzed this puzzle and it´s pretty good, maybe the best puzzle posted ever here, i usually dont made comments about the daily puzzle, but a lot of people are wandering "why?" and i just want to share with them this little explanation, these queen check forced the king to made that move Kg7!? but its the best move, since, everyone loses the queen without any compensation (the knight) so black loses the game in a pretty nice way, because every check count in order to make the final blow, that its Qc4+!! because now any other move except for Kh8 loses.

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    black cannot stop this it's zuzchwang

    i hope i speller it right....lol

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    White Do's & Don'ts:

    Dont: 1) exchange queens / 2) give a free turn for black

    Do: 1) Seperate king and queen.

    Black queen only access: G7 & G8 protecting the King  and H7 sq

    White needed the queen to access: C3, H3, C8, C4 & H4

    As a result, white needed to control H7(knight sealing away bqueen), H8 and G8(while king is on G8). In conclusion the bqueen needed to block as there were no other possible moves and that led to the separation of bqueen and bking.

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    So this is probably one of the hardest puzzles i have ever played. By move 10 i thought this was just slugbollow. Then eventally we got some sepration. Now I'm exhausted. Cya guys tomorrow!

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    easy, but its retarded and pointless...

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    ha im liking the puzzle, keep more like this coming

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    I believe the knight can split blacks queen and king quicker.

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    I wanted it to be done in less moves!!!

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    I think by the time it takes to make your opponent move correctly.He will have declared 30 freaking draws and he will also be ticked that your going in circles until he moves where you want.so i would play the same game and move back and forth until he gets tired.but still in it all if you do find that magic opening its an OK move.


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