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8/7/2010 - Precise Checking

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    huh ?

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    okay, that is over finally

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    you needed black queen out of its place, so that you can check and somehow with the help of the knight, checkmate or fork the king

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    impossible in real life chess

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    wudge wrote:

    At least twice the pawn on the opposition had the chance to take my queen,but didn't.For the 1st time on chess.com what i would say about todays puzzle was 'bollocks'!!!

    No, black pawn is going down the board - blocked by white King.

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    hold it; i think black has a refutation:


    haha! LOL

    anyway thats a really nice one... keep checking, until the black king and queen are misplaced!

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    All that work for a fork

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    mphg13 wrote:

    All that work for a fork

    Story of my life.


    Oh wait, you said "fork". Never mind, then.

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    gimmewuchagot wrote:

    bloody hell! lol thats like 20 moves long... i have a question: after 19. Ne6... what if balck does this:


    anyway, good puzle!

    How does the black king move from g7 (at the end of move 18) to capture the knight at e6 on move 19???  You mark it as a !! move, and indeed it is if nobody calls him on it.

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    That was fun actually

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    ChessMarkstheSpot , JoseEsparza , montypython 

    I know you would like to solve some and comment so you dont write first.

    You can get help by reading the Tasks of Rantanplan .

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    FredBatchelor wrote:

    Lesson Learned:  If you just make the same moves repeatedly you opponent will eventually get bored and you will win.  Exciting puzzle.  Mighty fine.

    I don't think ANY of white's moves were repetitions.  Black was forced to repeat his defensive moves quite frequently, but each time the white queen was at a different square.

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    I agree, no repeatations. Chess can make people crazy. 

    White tries to put black into the squares he wants...

    Here just some logic without the 'how-do' :

    He just needs 19 moves to fulfill the condition.If you like mathematics he is looking for the correct algorithm and condition.Its logical to achieve something with 19 steps if you cant with 1 or 4 or 7 or more... I am sure Spock would agree.

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    White was triangulating his queen with checks until he was able to force the black king out of the corner without the protection of the black queen. Threatening mate leads to the royal fork of the king and queen. Well done with great technique

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    phi777 wrote:
    kentaro267 wrote:

    so basicly, black slips up after being checked so many times right? So my thought is white was so afraid of black's queen that he randomly applied checks till he found an opening.... annoying but effective lThe ol

    The moves are not random. See that White's Queen follows a circuit (check on 8 line, on a1-h8 diagonal, on h file, on a2-g8 diag. ) To separate Black's King and Queen, White needs to go from h file to the 8 line and then to the a2-g8 diag. . And the first time he has this chance is on move 16 (after moves 3, 7, 11 he's blocked by the pawn or by the knight)

    oooohhhhhh! i get it now.

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    The idea is to keep checking the opponent until he slips and makes a bad move. gd puzzle

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    long long long puzzle...


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