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8/7/2010 - Precise Checking

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    nice puzzle

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    Wow! This is a very good problem, where the key issue is to arrive to a position with the right timing so as to trap the queen with the knight.  

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    The longest sunday puzzle ever!

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    All the moves are forced, it takes so many moves because white has to manuever the Queen so that it can go to the 8th rank from the h-file and from the 8th rank move downwards for a check. The only possibility for that is going from h3 to c8.

    People are saying that this never happens in the game and such, but this is precisely why we have these puzzles. The concept is actually not so hard, and if you knew that your goal was to get to h3+ then the moves leading up to that won't be that difficult. You probably would never reach this exact position in a game but this just shows the idea of manuevering your Queen to a perfect square with just a bunch of checks in an almost completely open board.

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    ChessMarkstheSpot wrote:

    looks like I got first on this one.

    ok, so actually according to my calculations, the ending is not check mate, can anyone verify?

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    Black steeped into a fork stupid puzzle

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    haha...nice puzzle...it just want to irritate huh???

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    bad moves by the black . he should get a draw.

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    Long but done.lease be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Fascinating ! Completed a few puzzles like this so know that every move is vital. Once you understand the theme it becomes pretty easy to find the next move but you do keep asking 'where is this going?'

    Very good   CoolCool


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