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9/14/2011 - Mate in 4

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    good one

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    always sacrifice the queen ^_^

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    I have developed a technique for these puzzles.


    First I do the most unlikely move. (Usually sacrificing the Queen) Then, usually, when that is deemed correct, I work out the rest of the puzzle.

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    I liked both puzzles here, but the one from reasonabledoubt more.

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    Fun one Cool

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    Good one ...!!!

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    a four move wonder

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    very very good puzzle,thanks

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    ReasonableDoubt wrote:

    Decent puzzle today, with a pretty theme.  Just for fun, another study (white to play and win):


     Beautiful study.

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    Thanks for the alternative puzzle, ReasonableDoubt....nice riff on the famous Saavedra study.

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    nise one

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    Good one.

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    nice puzzle,move 2 was the teaser,h8 looked good,and i think mate in 4 was possible with that move 2.QxNh8...Kxh8,3.Rh5check...Kg8 4.Bh7,but puzzle line was 2.Qh7... i just got it there is no way B will mate with h8 open if you take Nh8 on second move K can move to h8,with B blocking R,MATE.but if done leaving B on h8,K is trapped on g8,nice puzzle.THANKS FOR INTERESTING PUZZLE,but you have us thinking sac Q so much,i saced Q but on wrong square,you got me,nice puzzle,moving to fast can be dangerous.pretty sneaky

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    it was an easy one


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