9/14/2012 - Sutovsky v Smirin, 2002


Here's a true story of a master seeing checkmate 15 moves in advance:

A Scottish master  by the name of Blackburne once held a simul.  In accordance to his requirements, there was a bottle of whiskey at both ends of a long table.  His opponents sat on the opposite side from him at this table with their chessboards.  He played blindfolded.  Whenever Blackburne came to the end of the table, he would pick up the bottle and take a belt.  Then he'd go back down the row of opponents. 

At one point in the simul Blackburne announced "Mate in 15 moves".  He then went on to give every single possible variant line for all the moves, still blindfolded. Then he mated his opponent in 15 and went on to complete the blindfold demonstration. 

This guy was a tailor's son.  So far as I know he had no special chess instruction.  His nickname was "The Black Death".Cool 


#17..... rg8,pxp,nxp,qd3,ne5 ?


***Just Perfect***


Actually, this game between Sutovsky and Smirin in 2002 (they played a total of nine games, from 1995 till 2009) ended with the capturing of the knight by the queen. Smirin saw the imminent mate and resigned. The last game, and I think the greatest, in 2009, was won by Smirin.


I was only able to see three moves ahead... got blurry after that.  I had zero confidence follwing through until I saw the forced pattern.  It's amazing what these guys can do with so much foresight.  I'm really quite envious.



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Brilliant game. See it in full with great Sutovsky interview at www.kingpinchess.net