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9/14/2012 - Sutovsky v Smirin, 2002

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    Move 5 made me hesitate but otherwise straightforward. Still a good one.

    The trouble with all moves being forced is it shuts down all further discussion & it's the 'what if's ?' that I like best    

    All move's were forced,I had to go back and look,that's why just keeping black in check led to mate,even move 5.Ne3 forced K to h3,setting up mate with Rf3#,I saw first three check's so I went with that line leding me to h4+,forcing Kg4,then the last two move's became obvious,great play by white!!!Have a good day!!

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    THAT is one very long k. walk. Nice

  • #63

    Pretty Straight forward.

  • #64

    This was a hard one. But I'd have to say that you learn from each puzzle Tongue Out

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    more difficult than the others...

  • #66

    wow vry nice ...though its long its very ec 2 solve :-)

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    niceeeeee and easy


  • #68

    The black king singing; "I'm on a highway to hell"

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    nice puzzle

  • #70

    Love it.

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    tough 6-mover...

  • #73

    Great mate!

  • #74

    come to papa kind of mate

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    Shakaali wrote:

    I can see KxQh7, Reh4+...Kg6, Now K is attacking N,how does game go from there?I can see Nh4+...Kg7,but now white can recheck with Nf5...Kf8,it look's like white need's to get Rf1 into game,do you know how game ended?

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    off king run fast

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    what a nice puzzle.i think this puzzle will select in best puzzle of the month

  • #79

    Every move by black is forced - until the black king has no options left.

  • #80

    Very, very nice!


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