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9/15/2012 - Mate in 6

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    man23chess wrote:

    if white moves rook to c2; then black would take it with knight.

    That's right man23chess. That puzzle is STUPID.

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    jonnyearth if knight takes rook on c2 then bishop to f5  mate  Cool

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    wirekingjohn wrote:

    if I was playing black, when rook moved to c2 I would have taken it with my knight.  Even if I made the same move with the knight to g4, when the rook came over to h2 I would have had another opportunity to take it with my knight rather than taking the pawn with the king

    1. If 1... Nxc2?? then 2. Bg2#.

    2. If 2... Nxh2?? then 3. Bg2#.

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    Bourbon53 wrote:
    EDIT:sorry, knight can't take h2 because Bg2+ wins. not Bf5.

    A good puzzle, a bit difficult for a beginner like me. I needed help for the two first movements , but after that i was able to solve the puzzle by myself . Thanks for the explanation about the knight on e3 ;)

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    nice puzzle

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    If Bf5+ Black can postpone to mate in 7:

    So 1. Rc2+ is the fastest mate.

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    Very good puzzle.  Got the first and second move correct, but needed help on the third.

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    Good one.

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    I'm with Wirekingjohn...why not respond Nc2?

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    good one indeed.

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    Toughest one yet!

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    I made some wrong moves

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    not in 1st attempt

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     Nice combination of moves,,


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