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9/17/2012 - Stylish Finish

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    Did not think of castling.tried it after moving N three times,first thought was Rf1,but did not see move after black K could move to g2,other than rechecking with Rg1 and then black K could just go back to f3.Pretty sneaky,Thank's Chess.Com.good day chess heads. 1-0 chess.com,we will see what tommorow bring's

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    LOL I like that, but admittedly was the last thing on my mind at this stage in the game.

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    A common enough trick in chess puzzles & it caught me out again  Yell

    It exploits the prejudice most of us have that you can't get to such a late stage in a game & still be able to castle !

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    First time I miss the puzzle in a while, very stylish :D

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    Puzzles!  They're puzzles; not games!!  To solve them, you must think differently; not like you think playing a game!!!

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    Fitting title. Tricky puzzle though; wasn't thinking of castling at all.

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    A castle to checkmate. Clever setup. 

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    I love this. "Consider all possibilities"

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    castling really?? last thing 

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    Doesn't Rf1 also work?

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    good puzzle

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    little weird checkmate. Castling is generally for defense, but in this case we used it to checkmate.

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    If they say castling is an option, you will see the solution.  It's best to just assume that it's an option.

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    well, you guys tricked me, I tried every move but castling, as it was unreal to me, that both pieces hadn`t moved yet...Tongue Out

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    Cruciallly unexpected.


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    Great end..

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    That king must be pretty brave lol


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