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9/17/2012 - Stylish Finish

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    Did not think of castling.tried it after moving N three times,first thought was Rf1,but did not see move after black K could move to g2,other than rechecking with Rg1 and then black K could just go back to f3.Pretty sneaky,Thank's Chess.Com.good day chess heads. 1-0 chess.com,we will see what tommorow bring's

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    LOL I like that, but admittedly was the last thing on my mind at this stage in the game.

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    A common enough trick in chess puzzles & it caught me out again  Yell

    It exploits the prejudice most of us have that you can't get to such a late stage in a game & still be able to castle !

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    First time I miss the puzzle in a while, very stylish :D

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    Puzzles!  They're puzzles; not games!!  To solve them, you must think differently; not like you think playing a game!!!

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    Fitting title. Tricky puzzle though; wasn't thinking of castling at all.

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    A castle to checkmate. Clever setup. 

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    I love this. "Consider all possibilities"

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    castling really?? last thing 

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    Doesn't Rf1 also work?

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    good puzzle

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    little weird checkmate. Castling is generally for defense, but in this case we used it to checkmate.

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    If they say castling is an option, you will see the solution.  It's best to just assume that it's an option.

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    well, you guys tricked me, I tried every move but castling, as it was unreal to me, that both pieces hadn`t moved yet...Tongue Out

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    Cruciallly unexpected.


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    Great end..

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    That king must be pretty brave lol

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    Castling actually is incorrect in this position as in any normal game at this stage of game (this is not just end game, this is an end of endgame), the castling will be already done or not available. This is weird and unrealistic puzzle.


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