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9/17/2012 - Stylish Finish

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    Girts30 wrote:

    Castling actually is incorrect in this position as in any normal game at this stage of game (this is not just end game, this is an end of endgame), the castling will be already done or not available. This is weird and unrealistic puzzle.

    well yes, I fully agree! But as a puzzle much better than these mate in 2 or 3 usually are - way too easy...Cool

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    nice but unrealistic....

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    Sutirtha11 wrote:

    Doesn't Rf1 also work?

    My first thought,but K can move to Kg2,then all you can do is recheck Rg1+ and K move's back to f3,and go back and forth,I think every body missed it,all's fair in chess.com puzzles.we will have to remember this one for the future!!!

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    lol, castliing? not sure if it's possible such late in a game...

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    Actually I cannot have in interntet frequently updated moving chess puzzles (not those solving just through old-school algebraic notation, which is good for newspapers, but not for any electronical device). Where could we find such good puzzles?

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    Busted!  I never thought of that, besides, I was looking for a queen sac!

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    It is soo unreal that i never thought of castling. never mind

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    castling that late in the game ?

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    Eh...not good, really

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    how could we expect a castling at that time.........

    got it in the last chance

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    the heck?! nothing says castling is a valid move

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    Nice puzzle.

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    lol casteling in endgame

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    u got me w/ that one !  o-o......never thought of that!

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    Tricky one!  I was trying every position in which I could force the king to move out....took a while before I thought to castle.  Supposedly though the only way you're about to get this setup is if you played both sides...or just put down the pieces for a puzzle.  But it was a very fun puzzle nonetheless :)

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