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9/17/2012 - Stylish Finish

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    Tricky one!  I was trying every position in which I could force the king to move out....took a while before I thought to castle.  Supposedly though the only way you're about to get this setup is if you played both sides...or just put down the pieces for a puzzle.  But it was a very fun puzzle nonetheless :)

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    Seen this before... Unfair. =/

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    Have to say, I didn't get the solutiion as I did not and would never have assumed that a game could reach this point without the castling pieces having been moved-particularly since white's king is completely unprotected.  Unrealistic and a waste of time

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    this puzzle is a troll

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    Same exact thing happened to me once 

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    can not )))

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    that was mean :(

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    clearly reached from the bongcloud opening

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    Castling is always allowed in a puzzle, unless something in the position indicates there is no way the player can castle, (like: the king must have moved before etc.) This is not the case here.
    Please don't call the puzzle stupid if you don't understand it yourself

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    Never seen a castling mate so late in the game...

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    I should have remembered this kind of "think outside the box" puzzle.  The box for me is: at this point in a real game castleing is not going to be an option

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    I always leave my king and rook in their original positions to retain the option for this mating attack.

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    I moved the rook..wrong!Tongue Out

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    Dumb puzzle.

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    its imposible to get to this position in a real game without moved your king or rook

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    got me

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