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9/19/2013 - Mate in 4

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    dkcoollike wrote:
    coencwessel wrote:

    Why not 3. Bh6?

    because  Ng6.

    There is a black pawn on Ng6, that would be an illegal move. ?

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    vitali_10 wrote:

    Alternative solution based on a different move by black - try it out!


    Interesting try, but black has two choices on move three which avoid mate in four in your line:  3...h6 and 3...h5.

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    There's actually 2 other ways to mate in 4. You can check with the night at 3:Nx37+ The absolutely only way for  black to get out of check is to take the night with the queen, and now the queen isn't protecting the black night so 4: qxn++

    Also, you can move the Bishop 3: Bh6. There's no way for black to prevent QF8++. I tried both of those, before I gave up and looked at the solution. What am I missing?

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    I always enjoy this section. Thanks in advance.

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    A difficult puzzle. Nice,

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    good one

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    Kind of obvious

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    Pas facile

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