9/23/2012 - Mate in 1

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    Vengence69 and stephen_33,
    The diagram you've shown can be easily summed up:

    If it's White to move, then Black has a forced draw. (So does White.)

    If it's Black to move,  then White has a forced win.

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    stephen_33 wrote:
    vengence69 wrote:                                                                                  #189

    Much more to this than first meets the eye !  Why Black promotes to a rook instead of a queen isn't immediately obvious until you see the fork: Rf5+
    Capture by a queen would result in stalemate (the White king is left with no legal moves) but by a rook will eventually win !

    O/k, White should play 6.Kh8 to be as obstructive as possible but it's still a fun & instructive puzzle.

    6. Kh8 Kg6 7. Kg8 R moves (except Rf8?? DRAW) 8. Kh8 Rf8#

    The position is an endgame study by Scossi from either the 18th or 19th Century I think. Here is the full study:

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    Not much of a pluzzle, really

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    Completely missed it

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