9/24/2012 - Dealing Threats

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    these are getting a bit too easy. A few weeks back they posted some nice puzzles. This is (literally) child's play

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    Interesting, thanx for sharing...

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    i got on rather late today, so I forgot yesterday's puzzle, but it couldn't have been any easier than this one.

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    so easy

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    jacobi6 wrote:

    Where did you get a sequence like that?  White's only hope would be to check the black king or move Ke2 on the first move.  Instead he captures the bishop.  Then Black blunders by uselessly capturing the pawn at h7 instead of promoting his f-pawn and checking white's king right off.  Must be a game by a couple of novice duffers.

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    Nice! Easy and fun. Nice deflection! Solved it on the first try! Bye.                From,                       Unusualkid                                                                                                

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    easy :)

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    easiest of all i have attempted sofar

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    too easy

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    peice of cake

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    C'mon, way too easy!!! :D

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    No queen sacrifice this time?

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    So so so so so so so so so so so so so so easy.Smile. Use left and right arrows to navigate.

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    so EZ

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