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9/24/2012 - Dealing Threats

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    You have solved this problem!

    2. Qxe8# 

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    no brainer

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    ha what was that

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    Pretty easy.

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    Don't lie to me.. is it Sunday?

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    very easy

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    soooooo easy

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    even i could solve this one ... that says something :-)

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    I'm not a great player by any means, but even that was easy for me

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    Nice and simple!

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    Easy as pie!

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    I'm lovin' it!

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    "Nah. Pretty easy peasy. So, uh, what- oh, yeah uh..." stammered the GM. "So uh, yeah. Really easy peasy, so, uh, is the urinal busted? I really need to go!"

    "Go? What's a urinal?" a nearby girl asked.

    "You don't know what a You Ring All is?" asked a nearby hockey player. He was 10. "I thought you were a Lv. 12 in hockey!

    "I said 'urinal'- (YOUR-in-all) you muttonidiot!" replied the girl.

    I slowly walked away.In second thought, I'll just say that, uh, too easy. The two children charged at me. It turned out they had a crush on each other.

    Me making them fight made them break up, and now they're both mad at me.

    "How about a deciding game of Chess?" I offered.

    The kids frantically threw Chess Pieces at me. I took off like a jet.

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    Forced #2... good day; bonne journée.


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