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9/24/2012 - Dealing Threats

  • #161

    so easy

  • #162

    nice usage of moves

  • #163

    super easy 1st time

  • #164

    Wow, is it sunday already? although, this is slightly harder than the sunday ones.

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  • #166

    Great way of turning the tables. Black must have felt pretty good with the threat on the Queen and Re4+.  

  • #167

    ...so while it's definitely easy peasy when you know there's a solution, how many of us would rush into a lost move in the heat of the battle?

  • #168

    it's such a tactical puzzle.. kinda love it to bits. ^_^

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  • #170

    I don't like the title.

  • #171

    Easiest problem ever!!

  • #172

    the real question is how you get to this position.  wouln't have black take the queen?

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  • #174

    keh keh keh

  • #175

    Super duper easy!

  • #176

    great puzzle i was just hoping for something mor challenging

  • #177

    these are getting a bit too easy. A few weeks back they posted some nice puzzles. This is (literally) child's play

  • #178

    Interesting, thanx for sharing...

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  • #180

    i got on rather late today, so I forgot yesterday's puzzle, but it couldn't have been any easier than this one.


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