9/28/2012 - Mate in 3

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    nice, but I would go for crushing my opponent in the endgame, promoting some pawns, making sure of no stalemate, and play Bg5+ and win the Queen, instead of Qa5+.

    By the way, why not take the knight after knight d5+? I don't understand this move! :D

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    This isn't a very subtle puzzle. 

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    black c6tod5

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    mushybabyfood wrote:

    Am i the only one who got told i was wrong when i tried do Kd5...

    I don't get it.  Doesn't the computer play black's moves?  If someone is checking the solution in the help mode and they don't understand either sides' moves in the solution, try to figure them out and/or read through the comments.  It can be very beneficial to one's chess success.  But to specifically answer your question, the puzzle only accepts one solution, even if there are multiple solutions.  Perhaps that shouldn't be the case.

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    I agree 1...cxd5 looks like a much better idea for black, even though it is also a mate in three.  Perhaps even though this puzzle is titled "Mate in 3", it came from a real game in which black played 1...Kd8.

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    Very interesting...

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    Did anyone get:


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    3. Bb5 is not a mate.. in fact it is not a check

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    apsu2323 wrote:

    3. Bb5 is not a mate.. in fact it is not a check


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    easy one !!

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    jay08jog wrote:

    why doesnt pawn just take the knight?


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    waste of time Yell

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