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9/3/2011 - White Draws

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    yo it is a great day to be alive incredible is having a good day though not sure what langauge he uses for his name. The puzzle was fairly straight forward though not nearly what I would play in a game therefore not stargiht forward att all. Thank you.

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    raw...aw !...a!!

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    Great puzzle! A little more analysis:

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    Nice puzzle.

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    ugh, that was a pain

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    ok, I don´t understand. Why is this draw?

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    The puzzle is not good
    Black colleagues can continue to play a better position and motion
    It is not compulsory.
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    nice puzzle...Innocent

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    Prince_Roman wrote:
    Deranged wrote:

    Why not just simply 1. Kf7, 2. Rf8# ????????????

    Because if white moves his king first, the black f-pawn will simply capture the white rook, and white is doomed.

    Good grief! How did I miss that?

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    to much for me,you asked for harder puzzles,with pawn up grade block not taken as first move,i was lost,i have never played for draw,it is mate or rezign,i can see black takes rook and white king has no move,but being in blacks position,was mating not an option?i think puzzle was very hard,so many what ifs in my mind,so many moves,for first move,which i tried to move to one rank with rook,try again,totally lost,its an uncomfortable feeling,allmost how you feel being one move from being mated with no move to stop it,THANKS CHESS.COM. I WONDER IF ANYONE COULD HAVE SOLVED YOUR PUZZLE TODAY!now to read what all you chess heads had to say.have a good day!!!!!!!

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    ReasonableDoubt wrote:
    Cossack_Man wrote:

    Second! I know what you’re thinking: 1. Weird Puzzle, 2. OMG, it’s that Ron Paul guy again, 3. I should vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!, 4. I should join the riot political party.

    5.  This guy is living proof that it is better to be quiet and be thought an idiot than to speak and remove any doubt.

     nice diplomacy reasonabledoubt

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    You got me here...  this is very instructive.

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    Mr_ha wrote:

    are all these moves forced?

     the only forced moves were when white checked black,or vica versa,which i do not even remember if black checked white,since i just started hitting help,after 2 try agains,i think its safe to say that moves were not forced

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    incribill is not even close to first :P!

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    white can mate with rook g1 bishop c3 king f7 rook g8 check mate

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    a good puzzle...

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