9/3/2011 - White Draws

Azukikuru wrote:

Great puzzle! A little more analysis:


 can you show a game where Q h4 is used at move three? instead of B moving? white has abillity to move not into check since you have moved your Q.i do not have puzzle in front of me but i think white can take bishop,if so ,black has other pawns he can try to upgrade,or mate is theoretically possible with a Q  and king,getting there is easier said than done but it just seems so likly that black could manipulate a mate out of hiss assets,i hate to say this,truly,but i think puzzle has flaws


good lesson............


y dosen't the bishop take the rook?


Everyone should check out Azukikuru's analysis in Post #70 on Page 4.  He answers a lot of the questions that everyone is repeatedly asking.

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Second! I know what you’re thinking: 1. Weird Puzzle, 2. OMG, it’s that Ron Paul guy again, 3. I should vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!, 4. I should join the riot political party.


Yes you can, just sign and fold a "Post-It" securely, mail it to Florida, they will accept it.  Brilliant puzzle, just the best yet!

 I can't I'm out of paper, I'm on some deserted island in the middle of the pacific ocean!!Laughing LOL XD


I hate to draw but sometimes it's the best option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didnt understand why the queen or the bishop didn't take the rook and advance pawns to Make another queen for the eventual checkmate.

Cossack_Man wrote:

Second! I know what you’re thinking: 1. Weird Puzzle, 2. OMG, it’s that Ron Paul guy again, 3. I should vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!, 4. I should join the riot political party.

you don't feel like you're discounting Ron Paul at all? 


An epic swindle here for White.

starofbethnal wrote:

What a shity puzzle! Who came up with this??!! The queen can take the rook on the third move. Ridiculous. Why do complete amateurs post puzzles?

lol what an idiot.  way to make yourself look stupid. saying the puzzle is stupid cuz you dont understand it. i guess math is stupid too, huh? if the queen took the rook on the third move it would be a draw since the king would have nowhere to go.  how you didnt figure this out when youre rated in the 1600's ill never know.

paulified22 wrote:

at move 3,black could have moved to Qh4,giving white K chance to move,now black is in mating position,seeing white has several moves at his disposal,am i wrong and does that not sound like an option for black?

youre wrong cuz white wouldnt move the king if black did that, but instead would move rook to e8 which would be checkmate.


i dont get it 


it was hard, i had to look at the solution, oh and nice draw!


wait....what about 2 ...Qe8?

zadignose wrote:

Some folks aren't looking very carefully before commenting.

For those who keep asking why the queen can't capture the rook, it's because doing so leaves whitewith NO MOVES.  It's stalemate.  White is offering to give away his rook in order to stalemate himself.

For those who complain that the moves aren't all forced... great.  The moves don't have to all be forced, but the moves that are given illustrate the fact that the draw is inescapable by any tactic.

Regarding the comment that the bishop isn't forced to move to g7:  Again, sure, but the only other way to avoid immediate checkmate is to move the pawn, resulting in EXACTLY the same draw we get at the end here.

Part of the beauty of the exercise is how the pawn which promotes to a queen finds itself in an awkward position which is not able to do anything to help out on the back rank, or in any other way prevent the draw... in fact it's the very piece that makes the draw inescapable.

what about 2...Qe8+


hmm... what happens if 3 .. h6 instead of 3 ... Bc3? Then 4 RxQ Kh7 (prevents Kg6 threatening mate again

Then Black is B and 3 Pawns vs Rook, which is winnable for Black .. right?


yes very nice puzzle indeed.




???? Sorry... but I don´t get it at all... a lot of movements don´t make sense to me!!!  for example after 3. Re2 the Queen should take the Rook... but bc3??? Can anyone explain me this nonsense movements??


Damn I was lost so many times on this one