9/3/2011 - White Draws

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    Wow, that's. a pretty crazy puzzle... stalemate vs 3 fold repetition.

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    My only problem with this puzzle is the starting position.  For me, there are 3 key points to the starting position.  1) Black's King is pinned.  2) Black is one move away from a pawn converting to Queen.  3) A black pawn is threatening white's rook.  But what is the move that gets us to this position?  White would not have moved into a square threatened by black's pawn, so the logical deduction i that the last move was 0. ... f5 (I use 0 since the puzzle starts at 1 and there's no history to the game whatsoever).  Now, we can assume that black is a decent player as he has 4 pawns and a bishop vs white's rook.  So f5 is a poor move compared to h5, which allows black's king some movement and still threatens the rook.  That single move renders the draw virtually impossible.  White then has 2 movement options: Rh4 and Rg1.  If Rg1 then black can move his bishop to protect e1, Kf7, and then black pushes his f pawn to support the e pawn. If white tries to check the king after that the black bishop can take the white rook without fear of stalemate.  Even if the rook attacks the e pawn fromt he 2nd rank it can be safely sacrificed. Or if Rh4 then e1=Q+ followed by Kf7 Qe2.  With the queen covering the h pawn the rook has no viable options and black can attack.  So while the puzzle as it stands is white forcing a draw unless black sacrifices its e pawn (and probably a win for white) I find the initial position hard to accept.

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    why didn't the queen just capture the rook? white loses with just a king left..

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    retarded puzzle, this is all assuming black has no idea how to use it's queen or bishop

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    I dunno, EH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It seems that black has more options at the beginning of the puzzle to not have a forced draw

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    nice one

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    Nicobrc wrote:

    retarded puzzle, this is all assuming black has no idea how to use it's queen or bishop

    Ok. How would you use the queen or bishop then?

    newbie27 wrote:

    It seems that black has more options at the beginning of the puzzle to not have a forced draw

    You are right that the first move for black, promoting the e pawn, does lead to a forced draw. However, black's chances are slim regardless. With perfect play by both sides following a sacrifice of the e pawn, the game would be drawn. White has enough of an advantage in terms of piece positioning and mobility to make up for their material disadvantage. If black went the route of sacrificing the e pawn to avoid a forced draw, they would have a chance to win, but they would also have the chance to blunder and lose.

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    kind of difficult :)

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    Why couldn't the black take the rook with the bishop?  Wouldn't black win quickly then?

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    Have a good night everyone.

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    Difficult puzzles two days in a row? Wow!

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    Nice puzzle this time!

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    nice one.

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    Very interesting, I think.

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    there was the option of Bxg7 but that would lead to immediate stalemate in the last move

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    funny one

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