9/6/2013 - Mate in 4 Again

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    Plagiaat. See Ed. Lasker versus sr. Thomas

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    simple  sweet

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    Looks like Lasker's "King walk"

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    I like how these puzzles are a huge inside joke for all of chess.com. The first page guys, the constant queen sacrifices... HUGE inside joke.

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    Nice puzzle.

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    Good one.

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    Nice puzzle! but in a real game I would have played Nxc5, without thinking any more about it.

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    By now, daily puzzle should have us conditioned to go for the queen sac (especally if it is 1.Qxh7) automatically.  Today, it opens up a beautiful double check by the knight and the bishop.  Each successive move after that checks the black king and closes off escape squares, until the h-pawn can do the final kill.

    2. ... Kh8 would lead to 3.Ng6#.  And all black's other moves are forced.

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    Love it, and you're down in material, pulling off this fabulous sacrifice of the queen is absolutely world class!

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    it's always queen sacs on this site my first move on all daily puzzles is to sac my queen to check the king...

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    It took me 4 seconds because I have a bagel in my hand.

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    I thought the queen was protected by the bishop

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    post some hard one

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